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History And Heritage of -Medinipur

  History And Heritage of - Medinipur During third century AD a chieftain, named, PRANAKAR ruled the terrain kingdom of SHIKHAR BOOMI (now Singhbum of Jharkhand State).  His eldest son, MEDINIKAR moved southward and settled at this area.  His seat of rule was named after him as MEDINIPUR. This district saw Bargi invasion in 1742. This district saw Maratha invasion in 1760. The great Novelist Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was posted in this district as Deputy Collector. This district saw Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. This district was annexed to British Rule in 1860. Police came into operational  after Act-V of 1861. This district is the inhabitant of Kole, Bhil, Munda, Lodha, Sabar, Santhal etc. In the face of repeated rebellions and threat to British settlement at Midnapore Town, Army Columns were settled at the town with a strong fortification. The operational venue of the Army was shifted from ‘Kella’ to Barpathar Cantonment (present Police Lines, Burge Town, Ashoknagar, Michel